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Episode 28 - SATL Meets Breed Wrestling - Special

July 11th, 2019

This week is something a little different 

We're joined by Mitch from Sheffield promotion Breed Wrestling. We talked about the links to the current British Wrestling scene and Sheffield music scene in the early 2000's 

Breed are doing some great things at the minute especially with brining through new talent to prominence with their New Breed division which showcases talent under the age of 25. 

This along with forward thinking shows like StarrCave (a wrestling show literally held in a cave) is making them one of the fastest rising wrestling promotions in the country. 


We originally planned for this to be a special episode but were so happy with it that we decided to replace our regular show with this interview. 


Head to @BreedWrestling on Twitter @BreedProWrestling on Facebook and

Check out their next show on Sunday 14th July at Hex in Sheffield

Also their Independence show on the 31st of July with 5 other independent promotions as well as talks from David Starr and Equity


A great promotion doing great things. Support your local wrestling and #BuildThisScene